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             English Editing Services

                     Write (verb) - Communicate or express by writing                        
                     Right (adjective) - Most suitable for a particular purpose
                     Wright (noun) - Someone who makes or repairs something  

  Is Your Bad English Costing You Money?

         Does your company have English versions of any of the following?
  • Website
  • Brochure
  • Menu
  • Signage
         If so, it is in your economic self-interest to get the English right.
         Otherwise, you may lose potential English-speaking customers and you might even end up here:


  Write Right Wright can Help

         It's simple. Just e-mail the your website address to:


         We will visit your home page and and look for:
  • Bad grammar
  • Misspelled words
  • Funny”/unusual word usage
  • Double entendres
  • Ambiguities
  • Spanglish” or other "mixed" English
  • etc.
         We will:
  • Make a free detailed examination of your home page
  • Write a summary of the types and numbers of English errors
  • Quote our fee to fix the English problems for your entire website
  • If requested, quote fees for other marketing documents

  Who is "We"?

Right now, "we" is used in the editorial sense. "We" is Sandy Sandfort. I have written and edited professionally for 30+ years. Some of the publications for which I have written include Wired, LA Times, Soldier of Fortune, Mondo 2000, Reason, Infobahn, Malaysian Tatler... In July of 2007 I won an award in the Robert A. Heinlein Centennial Writing Contest, for my short story, "World Ceres."

Writing examples can be found here:

Wired Magazine Article

LA Times Article

"World Ceres" my award winning short story

        Hope to hear from you soon!

    Write Right Wright

         Contact:  info@WriteRightWright.com

                      2008 Sandy Sandfort